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ROV Inspection

C-Leanship offers Underwater inspection with ROV directly from the quay in terminals or anchorage.

Our inspections are safe, fast and give our customers a quick overview of their ships condition.

We deliver high quality inspections, with video and pictures as standard, and deliver reports within hours of completion.

We are capable of providing inspection of the Full hull, Bow thruster, Bilge keels, Sea Chest, Propeller, Rudder etc. This is thanks to our skilled pilots that have several years of experience from doing hull cleanings.

We have all the necessary permits to carry out the inspection in Terminals and therefor offer the same great benefits, as with our hull cleaning, as everything can be done during normal operation.


The Service

Key Features

  • C-Leanship has selected the best ROV suited for our requirements. It is highly customisable and gives the option to modify and upgrade over time.

  • The ROV has been tested in several situations including: Strong currents, high swells, confined spaces & outside the view of our pilots.

  • The operation is done from the quay or from a workboat, which makes it fast and safe for all involved. It also gives the benefit of inspectors, ship representative & more to follow the inspection with live video feed.

  • The software used gives us the possibility to create reports straight after inspection, which means customers will get a fast overview of their ships condition.