We provide

Safe remotely operated hull cleaning

We are an underwater hull cleaning provider using state of the art ROV and Waterjet Technology. We continuously develop and operate our own machines to create the best service available.

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Time optimizing

Hull cleaning and bunkering during a port call

We have the ability & flexibility to clean in terminals while vessels are doing cargo & bunkering operation. Together with our ROV technology and cleaning system, this means that we can clean any vessel during a port call.


Digital Cleaning Log

Exact documentation of cleaned area with the DCL™

Our Digital Cleaning Log allows us to clean both sides of a vessel in terminals, during bunkering and cargo operation without risk for personnel, equipment and vessel.
Our DCL also allows us to create cleaning reports with pictures and video from exact locations. This allows our customers to see how their hull and paint performs between cleanings.

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Good for the environment

Reduce spreading of invasive species and CO2

We are very focused on the environmental impact of our company.
Our ShipShiners are developed with a collection and filtration system that allows us to collect what we clean. The biofouling collected is being handled in a safe manner and transported to a certified incineration facility in Singapore.
We are continuously developing our filtration system to make sure it lives up to current and future standards.

The ShipShiner Technology

  • High-Tech navigation

High-Tech navigation system from Saab based on state-of-the-art motions sensors

  • Digital Cleaning Log

On the fly view of the cleaning and provides accurate documentation

  • HD Camera

HD cameras to give the best possible picture and video of the cleaning.

  • Propulsion

No traction on the hull as the ShipShiner is purely controlled by thrusters

  • Automation

Semi-automated cleaning functions to ensure high quality service for all cleanings

  • Water Jet cleaning technology

Cleaning with lowest possible pressure to preserve the hull coating

Benefits & Fuel savings

Why use C-Leanship?

  Cleaning possible in Terminals during cargo & bunker operations.

  Able to clean the biggest vessels in terminal during one port call.

  No additional wear and tear to the paint.

  Accurate documentation thank to our DCL.

  Significant fuel saving that last longer.

  Clean your vessel often to increase fuel saving.

  No limitation due to deep draft & night time.

  No added cost due to vessel off-hire and delays.