Why is it important to do Inspections?


Vessel Performance

hull biofouling has a big impact on your vessel's performance. Based on data from IMO it can add on additional 10% to your fuel Bill.


Invasive species

With biofouling on your hull, your vessel can be transporting invasive species to other regions. This can destroy the local environment in the ports you call.



There are already countries where you need to always have an update view on the conditions of your hull, if you want to enter their waters. More will be added with the release of the update Biofouling guidelines from IMO.



With the new regulations for Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), it is a most to always keep the biofouling to a minimum. You can not optimize your vessel if you do not have the basics covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the inspection done?

We use a standard ROV to perform our Inspections. Due to our extensive experience, we are allowed to do the inspections from the quayside in terminals. This makes the service very fast and effective.

What will be inspected?

For our normal inspection, we will inspect the full hull in sections. we will clearly indicate which locations the pictures are from. We will also inspect the most common Niche Areas such as Sea Chest, Propeller & Bow Thruster.
When we do inspections, we will always cover the same areas. This means that if you do several inspections on the same vessel, then you can follow the development of fouling or paint conditions. During a hull cleaning, we will also cover the same areas as a minimum.

Are there any operational limitations?

We can perform the inspection 24/7. There are certain space requirements, which means that some very small Niche Areas are currently not possible to get a clear picture.
Our ROV can handle currents up to 1.2 knots. This is enough to be able to provide inspections during a normal port call.

Is it possible to follow the inspection?

It is possible for the crew to come down to our team to follow the inspection live.

The Inspection Process

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    Cleaning According to Regulations

    Cleaning According to Regulations

    Some regulation requires additional inspections, Niche Area cleanings and reporting, we've got you covered with this package.

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    Hull Cleaning

    Hull Cleaning

    Hull cleaning with our Shipshiner ROV system, which is gentle on your anti fouling coating. (We cover vertical sides, flat of bottom as well as bulbous bow).

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