We have entered a new year, and this is the perfect opportunity to do some reflection on the past. Looking back at the past quarter, it certainly was a busy one for C-Leanship. In the history of the company, December was our best month ever, Q4 2021 was our best quarter ever and Y2021 was our best year ever. This we can thank our trusting customers for, but it could also not have been achieved without the endless efforts of our employees around the world. We opened our South Korea service hub in Busan and the Korean team has during Q4 completed their first couple of cleanings and continues to achieve the high level of service and performance C-Leanship strive to be known for.

The past month we have also been testing our camera and positioning system to achieve better reports, even when conditions might not be favourable, as we appreciate the tight deadlines our customers are on when berthing at terminals or anchoring, and their need for receiving clear and comprehensive pictures and reports as part of their biofouling management plans.

We are also working hard to expand our range of sustainable services, stay tuned for this one, we will have more to share soon.

Everything we do is in trying to contribute to the greater good of making the oceans a healthier place, and we have more in the pipeline for achieving what we wish to be, to not only our customers, but also to those that just wish to learn more about how fuel consumption and vessel performance can impact the environment and what measures we can take to improve this.

We look forward to many more opportunities in the future, for the future.

Jonas Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer

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