The Fleet Manager’s easy guide to Biofouling Management

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    A complex task made easier

    Biofouling Management has become a strategic theme of growing concern and has therefore become a more important and complex task for fleet management teams in the maritime industry.

    This is why we have published an ‘easy-to-consume’ guide to Biofouling Management.

    You will easily find valuable information and operational guidance to these 8 typical situations:

    1. When introducing and preparing a Biofouling Management Plan for a vessel(s) in the organisation
    2. When an anti-fouling solution must be selected and purchased for a vessel(s) in the organisation
    3. When the vessel’s operational profile changes
    4. When the vessel has been idling
    5. In cases of the inclusion of specially regulated waters or ports on sailing and freight routes
    6. In connection with underwater inspection of the vessel’s hull and niche areas
    7. When underwater cleaning of the vessel’s hull must be selected and purchased
    8. When the vessel is dry-docked for inspection, repair, and maintenance