Evaluate your right hull cleaning solution by asking the vendor these 17 questions

We have compiled a list of relevant questions when deciding on the most suitable supplier of Hull Cleaning solutions for your business operations. 

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Ports of service

  1. In which Ports are you offering your Hull Cleaning services?
  2. Is the service provided during dry docking, in terminal or at anchorage?
  3. How do you deal with permits and approvals from local port authorities?

    Service availability

  4. During which hours are your Hull Cleaning Services available?

    Type of cleaning service

  5. Is your cleaning service provided by Divers or robotic technologies such as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)?
  6. Is your service provided during simultaneous operations such as bunkering or cargo handling?
  7. How does your cleaning service apply to the niche areas of the hull?

    Type of systems used

  8. Is your hull cleaning service performed using brush cart or ROV?

    Cleaning methods used

  9. Is your hull cleaning using methods like water jets, ultrasound or brushes?
  10. What’s the risk of damaging the anti-fouling coating using your method?


  11. Which safety risks are related to your cleaning service?
  12. What safety measures is your business taking to reduce the risks?

    Quality & reporting

  13. What measures are you taking to ensure the expected quality of the hull cleaning?
  14. How do you provide results and data from your hull cleaning service?


  15. How is the biological waste collected and handled to protect the marine environment from invasive species during hull cleaning?

    Time & costs

  16. How long time does it typically take to clean the hull?
  17. What is the price and costs of your hull cleaning service? 

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