Underwater hull services –when and how?

Underwater hull services –when and how?

Growing concerns about climate change and uncertain economic outlook doesn’t make the shipping business easier.

Those are concerns and uncertainties that call for reliable and efficient measures within ship maintenance and biofouling management.

In that respect you might be looking into services that give you and your maintenance team less to worry about.

Read on to discover our sustainable underwater services that make you comfortable in terms of ease and high quality.

Why clean the Hull?

Let’s keep it simple.

There are three reasons for cleaning the hull of your ships:

  • The ship’s friction is increased by too much biofouling growing on the ship’s hull underwater. It’s a costly condition in terms of fuel consumption and carbon emission.
  • Your company has implemented an ESG policy that requires regular inspection and cleaning of your ships’ hulls.
  • Your ship must arrive at a port regulated by governmental authorities related to environment and aquatic preservation. Regulatory compliance applies for a growing number of international ports.

Get a peace of mind and plan for a Hull Inspection to get reliable and visual data about your hull’s condition on your ship.

Are your ships ready to arrive in Australian territorial waters?

When to inspect or clean?

When to do an inspection or cleaning will always be different from ship to ship as they have different trade routes, anti-fouling systems, age, crew etc.

We recommend our customer to do the following:

  • Inspect your ships every 6 months.
    This will give you a visual insight into the conditions of your hull and you will see biofouling before you can measure it on your performance system.
  • Clean your ship before you get 40% coverage of biofouling.
    This will help preserve your anti fouling system and will keep your carbon emission and fuel consumption down.

Planning of service made comfortable

It’s time to lean back and enjoy a comfortable service once you have decided to clean or inspect your ship either in Singapore or Busan, South Korea:

  • The relevant C-Leanship service hub starts tracking the ship movement to make sure the ETA/ETB is always up to date.
  • C-Leanship takes care of communication, administration and permits in coordination with relevant parties such as local authorities, agents, crew etc.

Safe, gentle and sustainable Hull Cleaning

No need to worry about people safety, antifouling paint damages and biofouling removal quality.

Our Hull Cleaning services are safe, gentle and sustainable.

  • This means better staff safety since we have no people in the water while cleaning.
  • The cleaning technology is based on water jets that are gentle to the ships antifouling paint.In that respect, our experienced crew will start with the lowest possible pressure to preserve the condition of the antifouling paint and only increase the pressure if needed (the harder the biofouling, the more pressure will be needed).
  • While cleaning, our collection system will be running to collect the cleaned biofouling and send it topside to our workboat, where we will filter and collect the biofouling to secure sustainable prevention of invasive aquatic species.

Reporting and evaluation

When we have completed your service, we will create the and send it to our Sales department who will then follow up with you and make sure everything is in order and as expected. Our normal turnaround time from job completed until you have the report is within 24 hours.

Our Operations team will also ask the onboard crew from the customer to do a quick survey, so we make sure everything was done as expected and to the crew’s satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to contact C-Leanship to get an attractive quote for our 24/7 Hull Cleaning operations

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