The ShipShiner


Next generation hull cleaner

ShipShiner 02

The ShipShiner technology is constantly undergoing development to ensure it delivers the best hull cleanings in the market. Based on our learnings from operating the ShipShiner 01 generation, a new and improved ShipShiner 02 has been developed.

The ShipShiner 02 generation has been deployed in Singapore and thereby replacing our previous generation.

The main features of ShipShiner 02 are:

  • Increased ability to handle curvature by having a flexible washing unit.
  • Improved cleaning & collection by controlled distance to the hull with the flexible washing unit.
  • Topside collection for better handling of biofouling.
  • increased safety for personnel and system.
  • Achieved average cleaning speed 0f 1400 SQM/hour.
  • Confirmed ability of handling currents above 1.6 knots.

The ShipShiner 02 system is customisable, so it can follow current local requirements and future requirements.

The ShipShiner 02 is the foundation for our expansion and future services offers.


where it all began

ShipShiner 01

The key driver during the design of the first ShipShiner generation was to perform hull cleanings without damaging the vessels anti-fouling system. The outcome was a hull cleaning ROV which was propelled purely by thrusters based on the Saab Seaeye ROV technology and equipped with a high pressure water jet cleaning system and debris (bio-fouling) collection system to prevent spreading of invasive marine species.

The ShipShiner 01 system was used in Singapore from 2014 to 2020 and has helped us prove our business concept as well as been the background for our development of the next generation.