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The ShipShiner Technology™

C-LEANSHIP has the propriety access to the ShipShiner Technology™, developed jointly with Saab Technologies of Sweden.

Saab has developed the underwater technology over 40 years and expanded its reach by acquisitions. They are a major supplier of ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicle), for the Oil & Gas industry globally and to the military in several countries. The Saab ROV’s are capable of undertaking the most advanced underwater jobs and customers acquire Saab ROVs when they really demand performance and quality in their ROV’s. The latest development is the usage of Saab ROV’s for hull cleaning.

The ShipShiner Technology™ consist of two main parts:

  • One part is the ROV which is a Saab Technologies core competence, and an area where they are a world leader. The design is slim, allowing access to the tight space between the quay and the vessel hull. It includes the latest Saab navigational software that support the operators when moving on the hull. In combination this makes it possible to perform a full hull cleaning on a vessel in a container terminal during cargo operation. This way the ship owner can avoid precious off hire due to hull cleaning.

  • The second part is the Washing Unit, developed by C-LEANSHIP and with patents granted. It is using specially designed waters jets and has been developed in cooperation with paint suppliers, nozzle providers, shipping lines and other partners. It has been extensively tested in tests tanks in Denmark and Sweden as well as on vessels in Singapore Port and Port of Gothenburg. The features make it possible to do a efficient hull cleaning of any anti fouling painted surface without damages to the paint itself. This means that the vessel can be hull cleaned as frequent as needed, obtaining maximum fuel savings.

The benefits and the value of the ShipShiner Technology™ for hull cleanings are among others:

  • Significant fuels saving with immediate effect;
  • No delays as the vessel is cleaned while cargo operation is ongoing;
  • Opportunity of increased frequency of cleanings adding to the fuel savings opportunities;
  • Reduced environmental foot print with less emissions of CO2, NOX, SOX etc. and less participation in the global relocation of evasive spices; and
  • Electronic documentation with the Digital Cleaning Log of the actual cleaning track, including extensive pictures as additional support for Fleet Managers and Supervisors.

Cleanship Saving Potential

In conclusion the ShipShiner Technology™ offers the Ship Owner several operational savings opportunities, such as less fuel consumption, easier planning and less off hire.  

Additionally it offers a better environmental footprint.