The ShipShiner


ShipShiner 01

The ShipShiner Technology

The key driver during the design of the first ShipShiner was to perform hull cleanings without damaging the paint system. The outcome is a hull cleaning ROV which is propelled purely by thrusters based on the Saab Seaeye ROV technology and equipped with a high pressure water jet cleaning system and debris (bio-fouling) collection system to prevent spreading of invasive marine species.

The ROV is equipped with soft 360 degree wheels which allows it to travel gently and roll along the hull surface. There is no traction from the soft-rubber wheels on the paint to control the ROV as the control of movement is done entirely with the thrusters. The rubber wheels keep the right standoff on the hull while thrusters push the ROV towards the hull. The thruster system makes it possible to move the ShipShiner in any direction at any given point of time.

Sea water is used for the cleaning and pumped through nozzles to generate the cleaning effect. The nozzles are of a cavitating type which reduces the pressure needed to remove the bio-fouling. The combination of lower pressure and higher volume flow protects the coating as high pressure and lower volume flow tends to cut into the paint. Numerous tests have been conducted with reputed marine anti-fouling paint manufacturers to ensure the paint coating is neither damaged nor removed.


Next generation hull cleaner

ShipShiner 02

The ShipShiner technology is constantly undergoing development to ensure it delivers the best hull cleanings in the market. Based on all the learnings from operating the ShipShiner generation 01 a new improved ShipShiner 02 is being developed. ShipShiner 02 will have an further increased cleaning speed and be better at combating high curvature areas.