Why should you do Hull Cleaning?


Vessel Performance

With a clean hull you will greatly improve your vessels fuel performance. This will not only help on the running cost of your vessel, it will also reduce your GHG emissions.


Protecting the Environment

By keeping your hull clean, you will reduce the risk of Invasive Species and thereby help protect the local environment in the countries your vessel calls.


Protecting your paint system

By cleaning your hull and doing it at an early stage, you will protect your paint system and make sure that it can perform better for longer.



There are several countries where you need to keep a clean hull for the vessel to be allowed to call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cleaning done?

We use a field-proven ROV with our in-house cleaning system to perform a safe, gentle and sustainable cleaning of your hull. Our ShipShiner cleaning ROV is launched from our workboat, and the ROV and winch are remotely operated from our ROV Pilot cabin, so we have no people in the water while cleaning, ensuring the safety of our staff.

Will the cleaning damage my anti-fouling coating?

The cleaning technology is based on water jets that are gentle to the vessel’s antifouling paint. In that respect, our experienced crew will start each cleaning with the lowest possible pressure to preserve the condition of the antifouling paint and only increase the pressure if needed (the harder the fouling, the more pressure will be needed)

What happens to the biofouling?

While cleaning, our collection system will be running to collect the cleaned biofouling and send it topside to our workboat, where we will filter and collect the biofouling. We will then dispose of the biofouling in a sustainable manner using dedicated onshore disposal facilities.

When should I clean?

We recommend to clean your hull if you have more than 30% biofouling coverage. This will help to preserve your antifouling system and keep your carbon emission and fuel consumption low.

Describe the process

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    Inspection Service

    Inspection Service

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    Cleaning According to Regulations

    Cleaning According to Regulations

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