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Operating the ShipShiner™

  • A hull cleaning job is performed by the C-LEANSHIP dedicated team of pilots and technician onboard a chartered workboat under the responsibility of a certified ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Chief Pilot. The relevant Port Authorities have approved the hull cleaning operation including the Risk Assessment.
  • Prior to a hull cleaning a checklist is used to ensure all equipment is in order and a work order is obtained from the Master onboard the vessel to be hull cleaned.
  • The hull cleaning can take place in the terminals while the cargo operation takes place. The specially designed ShipShiner™ with all maneuvering taking place without divers under the water allows for this hull cleaning. The approval for in port operation is also due to the advanced filter solution where all debris is collected and later incinerated.

  • This set-up also allows a 24×7 operation, which means that the hull cleaning can be organized, at the most optimal time for the vessel and delays avoided.
  • The hull cleaning process is based on water jets and the combination of pressure, water flow, nozzles and jet angle have been carefully designed following years of research.
  • The C-LEANSHIP service includes hull cleaning of both sides of the vessels – also the side towards the quay. This is only possible due to the size of the ShipShiner™, the IT navigational system from SAAB Technologies and the abilities of the pilots. The IT system continuously updates the Pilot maneuvering the ShipShiner™ about the exact position on the hull.

During the hull cleaning process 6 video cameras are constantly monitoring the work and still pictures taken. Both will be made available for the ship owner.

Latest 48 hours after completion of the hull cleaning a full report is submitted to the customer with details of the work performed illustrated with pictures.

The company is a member of the Swedish P&I Club and have other relevant insurances with reputed providers.