Hull Cleaning

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Hull cleaning

Tomorrow's hull cleaning today

  • A hull cleaning job is performed by the C-LEANSHIP dedicated team of pilots and technician onboard a chartered workboat under the responsibility of a certified ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Chief Pilot. The relevant Port Authorities have approved the hull cleaning operation including the Risk Assessment.

  • Prior to a hull cleaning a checklist is used to ensure all equipment is in order and a work order is obtained from the Master onboard the vessel to be cleaned.

  • The hull cleaning can take place in the terminals and at anchorage while the cargo & bunkering operation takes place. The approval for in port operation is given because of our collection & filtration systems as well as our navigation system and safety measures. This set-up also allows for 24×7 operation, which means that the hull cleaning can be organized, at the most optimal time for the vessel and delays avoided.

  • The C-LEANSHIP service includes hull cleaning of both sides of the vessels – also the side towards the quay. This is only possible due to the size of the ShipShiner™, our navigational system and the abilities of the pilots.



Hull cleaning while bunkering

  • C-leanship has been given approvals from local authorities to provide hull cleaning for our customers calling terminals and having bunkering operation. With the significant knowledge and skill sets of our pilots, put together with our advanced navigation system we can perform hull cleaning when bunkering operation is ongoing for a customer's vessel during a port call.

  • Thanks to our advanced navigation system, we always know where the ShipShiner is located on the hull. This gives us a safe operation and allows us to do cleanings that are not normally possible. while bunkering operation is ongoing, we can perform hull cleaning on areas not occupied by bunker barges. Our trained pilots can navigate safely & efficiently to the berth side of the ship and perform hull cleaning without affecting bunkering operations that are generally happening on the seaside. After end bunker operation or between bunker barges we can clean the area occupied by the bunker barge to insure a full cleaning during one call.

  • This possibility gives our customers a big advantages as they can have their vessels cleaned while keeping their schedule. Meaning no delay in schedule, no need for off hire, fuel savings and no added cost for trying to catch up to your schedule.