What to do when sailing to a country with regulatory requirements?


Requirements to inspections

There are often strict requirements to conduct regular inspections and documentation hereof to make sure vessel owners, charterers and operators keep track of the state of the hull.


Requirements for cleaning

When sailing to a country with specific regulation on biofouling management, it is often required that the vessel is cleaned before arrival with even stricter requirements for certain areas to be cleaned. Be sure to understand these before sailing off, C-Leanship can, naturally, assist you.


Reporting and submission

Part of the stricter requirements is the need to submit reporting and proof of inspection and cleaning prior to arrival - in a specific format. We can help you to understand the requirements and compliance.


Biofouling Management Plan and the Record Book

IMO's guide to Biofouling Management and local regulations will require you to keep a Biofouling Management Plan and a Record Book for each vessel. Hull inspection and cleaning will be a part of this, so be sure to include this in order to comply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a regular hull cleaning?

The main difference between a cleaning according to regulation and a regular cleaning is, naturally, the local regulation that you need to comply to. More specifically, this can include more areas to inspect and clean, different requirements to reporting (pictures, areas, etc) and track record of the inspections and cleanings done.

How can I get help?

When we are notified that you will be calling a certain port with local regulation, we take pride in helping you to understand and comply with these additional requirements for cleaning and reporting. We see it as part of our responsibility to help you with this.

What can happen if I do a regular cleaning when sailing to a port with specific regulation?

Countries implementing their own regulation take transfer of invasive aquatic species seriously. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make sure you comply with these regulations, as you may risk that your vessel will not be allowed to enter the port before rectifying measures have been taken.

Can you perform everything in-house?

We are currently able to handle the hull cleaning. In the near future we will also be able to handle propeller cleaning. For the areas that we are not able to handle (specific Niche Areas), we work with local diving teams to make sure that these areas get cleaned in compliance with the requirements.

The process

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    Inspection Service

    Inspection Service

    We provide safe & fast Inspection of your Hull and Niche Areas with our inspection ROV.

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    Hull Cleaning

    Hull Cleaning

    Hull cleaning with our Shipshiner ROV system, which is gentle on your anti fouling coating. (We cover vertical sides, flat of bottom as well as bulbous bow).

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