Digital Cleaning Log


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The Digital Cleaning Log

An advanced positioning system from Saab has been used as the basis for the C-LEANSHIP navigation system that with high accuracy calculate and document the correct location of the ShipShiner on a hull – The Digital Cleaning Log™ – DCL.

The navigation system is based on state-of-the-art motions sensors that together with advanced algorithms from the positioning system from Saab based on more than 40 years of experience is able to provide the accurate information that together with a 3D hull form serves as input to the DCL.

The DCL allows us to clean both sides of a vessel in terminals, during bunkering and cargo operation without risk for personnel, equipment and vessel.

The DCL also allows us to create cleaning reports with pictures and video from exact locations. This allows our customers to see how their hull and paint performs between cleanings.


Visual Report

High Definition Cameras

During the hull cleaning process 6 video cameras are constantly monitoring the work and still pictures taken. Both will be made available for the ship owner.

Latest 48 hours after completion of the hull cleaning a full report is submitted to the customer with details of the work performed illustrated with pictures.

The company is a member of the Swedish P&I Club and have other relevant insurances with reputed providers.