Digital Cleaning Log


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The Digital Cleaning Log

An advanced positioning system from Saab has been used as the basis for the C-LEANSHIP navigation system that with high accuracy, calculates and document the correct location of the ShipShiner on a hull – The Digital Cleaning Log™ – DCL.

The navigation system is based on state-of-the-art motions sensors that together with an advanced algorithms from the positioning system from Saab is able to provide the accurate information, that together with a 3D hull form, serves as input to the DCL.

The DCL allows us to clean both sides of a vessel in terminals, during bunkering and cargo operation without risk for personnel, equipment and vessel.


Visual Report

High Definition Cameras

During the hull cleaning process 6 video cameras are constantly monitoring the cleaning. Still pictures and videos are taken from 2 main reporting cameras for documentation of cleaning and hull condition.

Latest 24 hours after completion of the hull cleaning a full report is submitted to the customer with details of the work performed illustrated with pictures.