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High-tech hull cleaning

by Tomas Dyrbye 0 comments

Ship Hull Cleaning

Syahrul Hatta, 32, has a job that is unique even in the local maritime industry, which employs more than 170,000 people. He is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Pilot with C-Leanship, which performs underwater hull cleaning for vessels passing through the Port of Singapore.

C-Leanship currently has two ROV teams and one ROV engineering team manning its hull cleaning activities and operations here. Hull cleaning is traditionally done by diving teams in shallow water.

Using ROVs allows the job to be carried out at any time, without disruption to a vessel’s normal operations. It also reduces the risk of mishaps, including fatalities to personnel performing underwater tasks. The use of a suction manifold allows the biofouling debris to be collected, keeping the waters in the port clean.


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